Sunday, 22 March 2009

Wearable technology and extra sensory media

UEL's SMARTLAB hosted a Show and Tell evening on Friday exploring a range of artist-created sensory performance based technologies encouraging creativity and new ways of interacting.

The evening was kicked off by Sara Diamond, formerly of the Banff Centre and now President of the Ontario College of Art.  Sara discussed her wearable creations containing sensors reacting to touch and movement by lighting up or changing shape.

She has also created clothing responding to bio-feedback that assists flirting by sending physical signals to one's object of affection and Company Keeper a fetching outfit providing emotional responses and support in the form of words and music. 

MIT Europe's Elena Corchero showed beautiful items such as parasols and broaches containing solar panels acting as lights when they are used at home in the evening. Her work combines traditional craft skills such as embroidery with the latest smart materials.

Also worth noting was Camille Baker's Mindtouch mobile media performance utilising supercharged sensory costumes which will be featured in an upcoming BBC programme.

If this is the future of fashion, then fashion is set to become much more interesting than it has ever been. Check out Smartlab's website to find out about upcoming events - well worth the journey to the campus based near City Airport. 

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