Saturday, 12 July 2008


When I worked at Oneworld back in 2001-2004, I was fortunate to get funding from the Vodafone Group Foundation to start a digital equality project in Kenya. It was designed to provide content via mobile phones (in this case by SMS) to give people access information about health, jobs and community news (starting in Kibera) that could help improve their life chances.

The idea was to make it a social enterprise, rather than a donor funded project, so it would have a better chance at sustainability. At the time, people were skeptical about whether or not it would work and discouraged us from even trying. In particular, they did not think the informal labour market could be organised. I'm proud to say, that four years on, it is not only thriving, but the model is being used in other markets as part of a social franchise business model which Accenture has invested in.

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